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 six Months Smile Treatment Offer

Client Testimonials

Why did you have the treatment ?

I had three gaps on my upper arch which made me feel very insecure whenever I was speaking to people or smiling in case people saw them. I would cover my mouth when I smiled. I also felt as though my upper teeth came very forward and pushed my mouth out but also made it a bit hard for me to close my mouth sometimes as my teeth would rest on my bottom lip a bit.

How has it changed your life?

I feel much more confident now. I had always been told before that I had a nice smile and how I should smile more but now I can actually do so without feeling embarrassed/shy. Plus everyone loves my new set of teeth.

Are you happy with the outcome ?

I am very happy with the outcome, it was definitely worth the money!

What would you like to tell potential orthodontic patients thinking of undertaking similar treatment ?

I think your teeth are very important and if you feel like you want to fix them, then you definitely should. Not matter your age. At first, I was quite hesitant getting braces at the age of 21 as people usually get them when they are younger. However, as said before, I'm very happy with the outcome and would do the process over again if I had too. It really does boost your confidence!

Did you like the customer care ?

The customer care was really good too. Grace showed her knowledge throughout and constantly re-assured me and updated me on what was going on. She was very friendly and so was her assistant. Overall, my experience was great and I would definitely recommend Grace to others. I've already recommended one of my close friends who now has braces with her.

Kind regards
Terryan Obi

For a long time, I had been unhappy with my smile and it had made me feel self-conscious in photos. I had thought about having this corrected but had not had the courage, time or money to do so. This was until an important event came up and it made me realise how much I wanted to address this.

I did a lot of research and found excellent reviews locally at the Dulwich Dental Office for the Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces.

Grace was very professional and made me feel confident about the treatment and its potential for success. At each appointment we talked through how things had been going and what changes were needed. If I had any concerns or I felt that things were not quite right I could easily contact Grace and she would make an appointment to see me as soon as possible.

My treatment was in fact completed earlier than expected and the results were fantastic. I could not be happier with the outcome and only wish I had done it earlier. If you ask me, it was worth every penny and I am very happy with the service Grace provided. I would highly recommend it to anyone, trust me do not wait any longer! Best Wishes

Kind regards
Jessice Hart

Dr Grace was brilliant throughout my treatment. She listened to me when I had concerns and understood what I wanted and did a great job getting me there. My treatment took about 12 months as I had some very twisted teeth and also some that were larger than the gaps I had, so it required some filing. Overall I'm happy with the results and I'm pleased I stayed the course to get the final result.

Kind regards
Jennifer Shephard


I had considerable gaps in my teeth and my front 4 (mainly top ones) teeth were angled. I have been meaning to have the front 4 top and bottom teeth straightened to secure a decent smile.


I no longer feel awkward about my teeth and I smile confdently.

Was it worth your money / time ?

Very much so. Please see photo below.


I would advice them to first ensure that they are committed to doing it. The treatment does take a long time and there will be periods of discomfort. Patience is needed as the braces mean that the teeth require careful and regular cleaning. However the results make the effort worthwhile. i would definitely recommend Grace Navaratnarajah form her high standard professionalism, attention to detail and care. She definitely went the 'extra mile' to ensure that I had the best results possible.


As stated above, Grace's customer care was exemplary.

Kind regards,
Mr. Shantaraj Sivalingam

I chose to have a brace (top and bottom teeth) to straighten my teeth, help prevent the build up of plaque where my teeth were very close together, and to my improve my smile. .

I feel so much more confident whilst smiling now

So far, it feels like it was worth my money and time. I'm keen to look after my teeth and fixed retainer, so hopefully I'll have it for many more years and my teeth will stay perfect for life! If so, it would most definitely be worth the money and time!

I would suggest that a patient always has the top and bottom set of braces fitted (not just one), and I would advise having appointments every 3 weeks, as the teeth can move very quickly! I would also explain that the first month's challenges (discomfort, some difficulty eating and people noticing the brace) is worth it as the length of treatment is so short!

The customer service was excellent. I felt able to see Grace whenever I felt I needed to (which ended up being approx every 3 weeks) and we always started each session with a discussion about how the treatment was progressing and what I wanted to achieve. I was amazed with the final result! Thank you!

Kind regards
Elizabeth Bulloucks

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