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Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening clinic in East Dulwich, London is being run by our highly experienced cosmetic dentists. As teeth are in constant contact with substances that entre your mouth, they can pigment your teeth. Substances such as coffee and red wine along with other contributing factors, such as age related changes, can colourise your teeth, and take the brightness of your smile away. Fortunately, restoring your smile has never been easier with the variety of treatments available for you at Dulwich Dental Office. An initial assessment of your teeth will be performed in your consultation session and the most suitable treatment is chosen with you.

What is Teeth Whitening

A very straightforward and painless procedure, which involves gentle teeth bleaching that, lightens your smile significantly. The Enlighten whitening solution used in our teeth whitening clinic at East Dulwich is one of the most advanced procedures available, which offers, the most effective result.

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What is Involved with a Professional or in Office Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Your professional teeth whitening dentist will follow standard steps before performing an in house tooth whitening procedure on you. Those steps are:

  • Step#1: Examining and cleaning your teeth

  • Step#2: Establishing the pre-treatment shade of your teeth

  • Step#3: Isolating the teeth that are to be whitened

  • Step#4: Teeth Whitening gel is applied

  • Step#5: The whitener is given the time to work

  • Step#6: Your tooth bleaching session is complete

  • Step#7: The shade of your teeth, post-bleaching, is establishing

  • Step#8: Provision of an optional treatment using Fluoride

Teeth whitning
Teeth whitning

What are the Benefits of having your teeth Whitened?

There are a lot of Advantages to Teeth Whitening Process:

  • You will enjoy a dramatically improved appearance with this excellent way to achieve an improvement and it is a great morale boost. Having a beautiful smile is now within the reach of anybody who wants it.

  • Your self-confidence will be boosted - looking good influences how you feel about yourself. The tooth whitening process gives a great feel-good factor.

  • Improved attractiveness - it is much more pleasant to be close to someone who has nice teeth than someone with discoloured or stained teeth - another reason why teeth whitening has become so popular

  • It's affordable - Teeth whitening has become a fast and favorite way to improve appearance. A simple teeth whitening procedure is a great way to refresh and refine your appearance and is cheaper than a total wardrobe makeover!

  • Whiter teeth are associated with a healthy lifestyle - people with brighter teeth tend to smile more when they are interacting with people

  • A whiter smile can minimise the appearance of wrinkles on the face, giving a more youthful, energetic appearance

  • A whiter smile is a focus for people who are talking to you and makes you appear friendlier.

  • Finally, one of the biggest advantages and a very important fact about professional teeth whitening is that it has no harmful side effects.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

There are lots of products on the market to suit every pocket. An effective home tooth whitening kit can start at around £ 400. The cost of achieving your desired colour will depend largely on the type of stains on your teeth and the quality of the product you use. Choosing a cheap product might be tempting for economy or choosing the most expensive might make you think it will be the best whereas in fact both might be less than ideal. Our painstaking research has evaluated all products carefully so that you can be sure that we have selected only the best products for your teeth at a price that won't break the bank.

Please call 020 8693 3339 to book your appointment for teeth whitening treatment at our clinic in East Dulwich, London

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Teeth Whitening Before after
Teeth Whitening Before after
Teeth Whitening Before after
Teeth Whitening Before after

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