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Six Month Smile Braces

Calender Icon   July 2, 2020

Straighten Teeth Just in 6 Months – How it can be Possible!

Teeth-straightening treatments are quite common these days that help to straighten teeth gently into their desired position with the right alignment. In the present age, metal braces are considered to be a suitable procedure amongst children and teenagers who are having crooked or misaligned teeth.


An orthodontist will often hear this question from the patients: ‘How long will I need to wear these braces?’ Though braces are a unique option for each patient, it usually requires nearly two years for most of them to finish the treatment. Some patients who have severely misaligned teeth have to wear braces for a long time. So, the times needed for which the patients need to wear braces usually discourage them to start with the treatment. This can be the reason for your untreated overbite or discomfort from the misaligned teeth. You may talk to the dentist and know how long you will have to wear the aligners.


All teeth-straightening procedures do not last for two years. In fact, patients will find a big difference within six months. But how is this possible?


About six-month smile treatment

Earlier, there were various inventions made that had been a great alternative to these braces, but there is nothing quicker than six month smiles procedure. It focuses only on the teeth that can be seen when you smile and do not make significant changes to your bite. Thus, it can help to create cosmetic impression while making small adjustments to your teeth. This is a great way to get your teeth straightened and improve the overall appearance.


Benefits of 6 month smiles treatment

  • Discreet – Just like metal braces, six month smiles braces consist of tooth-coloured brackets and wires. When compared to Inman Aligner and Invisalign, it is among the in nearly invisible teeth-straightening treatments available in the market.
  • Quick – The treatment can be completed quickly within the time span of 6 months or less than that.
  • Multi-purposed – Unlike teeth-straightening procedure, six month smiles can aim to deal with the problem gapped, crooked or cracked teeth.

What six month smile treatment involves

The method begins with an initial visit to your dentist who will thoroughly check the condition of your teeth with X-rays and photographs. After this, you can start a conversation with him about how your teeth will appear and how much improvement needs to be done. Based on the consultation, your dentist will select the right six month smile treatment for you. There are various treatment options available and so, you need to discuss about six month smile to your dentist and ask their opinion about it.


The next step involves fitting the braces that are tooth-coloured and almost invisible. If needed, space can help to ease the crowding by polishing in between the teeth. In severe cases, it might be essential to remove a tooth for creating sufficient space.


6 Month Smiles is a great option for the ones who want to get quick results for special occasions like birthdays or weddings. They allow patients to attain straighter teeth and healthier smile without much attention to their teeth throughout the treatment. You may visit us at Dulwich Dental Office today and talk to the dentists for getting the treatment done in the most appropriate way.

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