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Orthodontics Treatments

Orthodontics by Orthodontist in Dulwich

Orthodontics was the first dental speciality created, and is concerned with straightening teeth to improve both function and appearance. Orthodontists are specialists in treatment of malocclusions (improper bites) and have extensive knowledge of preventing tooth and jaw irregularities and complications. The complication of improper bites may be as a result of a simple abnormal alignment but can have dramatic effects on how the upper and the lower set of teeth together, and consequently affect your biting force. Our orthodontist in Dulwich, London offers to straighten your teeth in order to provide stronger biting force and enable more efficient brushing and cleaning of your mouth.

Statistics show that approximately 30% of the human population is suffering from various degrees of malocclusions and could benefit from orthodontic treatments. With the latest technological advances in the field of orthodontistry, it has never been more convenient and commercially available to have your teeth examined and straightened if necessary. We have surprised clients with exceptional results and continue to do so by implementing the leading products and equipment, and expertise of our experienced specialist orthodontists. At our clinic in Dulwich, our orthodontists offer the latest treatments that are internationally known such as Invisalign and 6 month smile that hold advantages of their own in comparison to the traditional braces.

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