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Invisalign Offer


The highest in demand treatment in orthodontic dentistry is the Invisalign, which is suitable to address issues such as gapped, crowded and shifted teeth. The braces used in this procedure fit precisely into your teeth and does not allow movements which could cause discomfort. In addition, these braces are clear so your smile can remain natural. For more information on Invisalign treatment, visit our clinic at Dulwich.

How it works

A leading brand in orthodontic dentistry, Invisalign is designed to provide you with straight set of teeth which could give you the extra boost you desire. Unlike the traditional metal braces, the invisalign braces are removable and much more client friendly. This new technology provides extra comfort for consumers while eating food and cleaning their teeth. The invisalign aligners are personalised to be perfect fit. You will be monitored at your check-up appointments with your cosmetic dentist who ensures that the best outcome is achieved.


Advantages of Invisalign

  • Custom fit aligners will cause minimal discomfort and allow you to carry on with your daily activities.
  • Invisible braces offer significantly improved appearance
  • Removability of aligners provides extra comfort
  • Considerably more client friendly
  • Decreased chances of mouth and gum irritation as a result of wires and braces

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