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Calender Icon   May 30, 2017

Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Cosmetic dentistry have underone great advancements in the past few years evolving to be the most accepted form of dentistry. A beautiful and attractive smile is all that takes to impress a person in the first meet. It is what defines you unique from the rest of the crowd. However, maintaining this smile becomes difficult as our teeth detyeriorates with time and age.  Today, even young adults face oral probems such as teeth stains, discoloration, etc due to unhealthy eating and oral habits. In this blog, we have shared some effective ways to improve your smile using cosmetic dental treatments.

  • Porcelain Veneers

    These are popular attachments that looks like a teeth shell covered on the front of your teeth, giving it a brighter and aligned appearance. You can opt this option for a single tooth or multiple stained and discolored teeth. It is a safe and long-term solution for your teeth imperfections, however, your dentist will suggest you to take proper care of the veneers to increase its longetivity. After a certain period of time, the shells deteriorate and needs replacement.

    These beautiful porcelain veneers possess an ability to correct severe tooth stains, cases of slight misalignment and moderate gaps between them. Though a costly cosmetic solution, you get long lasting results which is worth it’s expense.  
  • Dental Implants Procedure

    Has your toorth accidentally knocked out while playing sports? Do you suffer from severe gum disease or tooth infection? Sudden tooth loss or deep infection can cause serious oral problems for you in the long run. Dental impants procedure is a suitable and effective restorative tooth replacement treatment for such cases. It is a artificial system that involves the process of replacing the missed or infected teeth with an artificial set. It can treat single and multiple teeth replacement.

    For the treatment, you must have enough jaw bone and gum or else you would need additional procedures like bone grafting.  You get new teeth which looks exactly like the neighboring natural teeth. The dentist places the implants as the artificial root to support the crown.
  • In-office Tooth Bleaching Procedure

    In office tooth bleaching procedure is one of the most accepted and comfortable cosmetic treatment that gives you an improved smile in just an hour. It is a whitening process that helps you have a brighter smile by correcting the stained, discolored and dull teeth. Due to over consumption of beverages like tea, coffee, and wine, your teeth get stained and dull affecting your once beautiful smile. The process is carried out using a strong bleaching agent under laser beam, offering you the smile of your dreams in leass than an hour. On taking proper oral care, you can maintain  the results for long. Change your diet and balance it with crunchy fruits and veggies to keep your oral health in good condition.

We, at Dulwich Dental Office, provide tested cosmetic procedures to ensure you achieve faster and expected results. We value your smile and money, thus provide these treatments at affordable rates. Click here to find out more about us and our services.

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