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Dental Hygienist Services in East Dulwich

One of the most rewarding and essential services of the East Dulwich Dental surgery is the work done by our dental hygienists, London based. These are the people who will help patients keep their teeth healthy and in good shape. Their support for the dentists in our dental surgery is essential and always appreciated.

Hours to suit Your Busy Life

We know that your life can be hectic and to help, we have evening clinics that you can come to, if a daytime appointment is out of the question. We think our location offers convenience and the amount of patients we have from other neighbourhoods confirms it!

Direct Access

Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, regular cleaning is always going to be essential to ensure that you keep them that way. And you don’t have to be referred from a dentist either. Direct Access means that you can book an appointment directly with one of our friendly professional team of hygienists, at your convenience.

Giving Your Gums a Great Future.

The training of every hygienist is all about prevention of dental problems. They will carefully remove the hard deposits of tartar that build up on the teeth and can affect your gums.

Bright Ideas for Bright Smiles

A hygienist may also talk to you about your diet, and will recommend other measures to prevent dental problems. Your hygienist will help you develop a good routine for caring for your teeth and will be able to advise on toothbrush choices and will show you how to use them to maximum effect so that you keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Making regular visits to one of our hygienists and following the advice they give you will go a long way to helping you build up your confidence so that you will be equipped to keep your mouth healthy. They will also be able to alert the dentist if any problems do develop.

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