Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

If you are unhappy about problems such as missing teeth and teeth gap, the most advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments offered at our clinic are available to address your dental problems. We also offers services for dentures and denture replacement. We take extra care choosing the treatment that is both effective and desirable for you, while also improving the general health of your teeth and gum. We utilise the leading brands in equipment and material for all our cosmetic dentistry London, which enables our procedures to be extra client-friendly.

The dental field is an ever evolving field that has been revolutionised in the past few years, providing many alternative procedures that might address similar issues but provide that important extra options for the client.

We at Dulwich Dental Office believe that you should be informed carefully about the options available so you together we can could choose the treatment which is the most comfortable and effective. Your cosmetic dentist will guide you through the procedures and personalise your treatment so that your desired smile is achieved.

Missing teeth

Missing tooth can be a major blow to your confidence and can take your smile away from you. Recent advances have offered procedures such Partial Dentures and implant retained dentures, which offer an alternative for those who are not entirely satisfied with the conventional dental implants or bridges.

Partial Dentures

Supported by the remaining teeth and gums, partial dentures are designed to replace one or multiple teeth loss. These types of dentures can have an acrylic or metal base, and usually are coupled with metal clasps that keep the denture in position by fitting into selected teeth. Although the metal clasps are aimed to be largely out of site, but these are still visible which may not be preferable. In this case, use can be made of customised crowns which will cover the clasps effectively.

Sunflex Partial Dentures

Our experience has taught us, patients want the implemented dentures to match the colour of the remaining teeth making their smile look more natural and elegant. Sunflex Partial Dentures address that concern!
Sunflex Partial Dentures offer much more that high quality aesthetics. They are virtually invisible and lightweight. More importantly, the need for metal clasps has been eliminated by Sunflex, making it more desirable for some. Relative to the conventional partial dentures they are just more comfortable.

Sunflex Partial Dentures

  • More comfortable
  • Almost invisible
  • Bone augmentation
  • No need for metal clasps
  • Increased resistance to stain
  • Will not become wrapped
  • Breakage guarantee
  • More flexibility

The thin clasps used in the design of Sunflex Partial Dentures are translucent and carry a natural tissue blend effect, making it almost invisible by mimicking the natural tissue tone. The material used in the design of these dentures provide extra strength as well as making it thinner. The thinner design provides extra flexibility and comfort for the user, and minimises the stress caused by solid dentures. In addition, the shock absorbance ability of the material used in this denture would make a significant difference in prolonged use for the patients. The exceptional strength of Sunflex Partial dentures makes it resistant to bacteria.

Advantages of Implant retained Dentures

  • Eliminates the need for pastes, sticky gums, or adhesives
  • Maintains the remaining bone structure of your lower jaw, so your facial structure is preserved
  • Provides the lost support for the lips, which results in minimization of wrinkles
  • Significant improvement in chewing power, allowing you to eat any food you desire!
  • Firmly secured and comfortable eliminating common issues associated with loose dentures

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