All on Four Dental Implants

All On Four dental implants

Largely less invasive than the conventional methods, All on four dental implants are a new technology which offers an alternative for those not accepting integrating implants. This procedure offers replacement of full sets of teeth by implementation of implants at selected locations on the jaw. These implants can be used as a firm structure to hold secondary structures such as bridges and dentures.
Book your consultation session to meet our dentist, who will examine your teeth, gum and jaw. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions with regards to the treatment and to express your requirements.

All on four is suitable for those:

  • With a failing dentition
  • With jaw bones that do not accept integrating implants
  • Current users of lower and/or upper dentures
  • That dislike dentures
  • Unhappy with the movement of their dentures
  • Unhappy with their biting force

Advantages of All on four:

  • More effective than alternatives
  • Does not bring limitations to your diet
  • Only 4 dental implants are required
  • In alternative procedures, there might be a need for bone grafting surgery. In this procedure this possibility has been eliminated, so the patient does not have to experience such big surgery.
  • Longterm solution

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