Dental Treatments

Advice for Invisalign Patients


Whilst we are sadly not able to offer face to face treatment at the moment, the advice below may be of help:


If you are in the middle of your Invisalign treatment, please work through the aligners you have at home, wearing each one for the specified length of time (1-2 weeks) for approximately 22 hours per day. Invisalign aligners should be worn at all times except when eating and drinking anything other than water.


Once you reach your final aligner, please continue wearing this until the practice can open again. The final aligner should be worn for 22 hours per day for 2 weeks. After this time, you can slightly reduce the length of wear but they must be worn every night as an absolute minimum. If the aligners feel tight when inserted, please wear them more frequently.


If your aligner breaks, please contact the practice as soon as possible. If you have your next aligner, please insert this one. If this is not possible, please insert the previous aligner.


To keep your aligners clean:
Brush your teeth and rinse your aligner after every meal.


A soft toothbrush can be used on your aligner. Toothpaste or a hand soap can be used for extra cleaning but please only limit this to once per day as it can weaken the aligners.


For an extra clean, the aligners can be placed in ‘Retainer Brite’ which is generally available from chemists and large supermarkets. I would only recommend doing this once every 10-14 days as they can make the aligners brittle.


If you have any queries, please contact the practice and your dentist will be contacted to provide you with advice.