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Bries Discussion about Emergency Dental Care

Calender Icon   December 8, 2016

A Brief Discussion about Urgent Dental Care

Have you ever experienced severe toothache all on a sudden in the dead of night? While playing any outdoor game, did you come across traumatic situations like an extracted tooth? As such, the situations mentioned above are perfect examples of dental trauma and you need immediate care and attention in such circumstances. If you go for routine oral checkups on regular basis, your chance to undergo emergency dental treatment gets reduced but, as such, it never gets totally negated. An accident may occur any moment and thus, you may be in acute need to visit a dental office on urgent basis.   


Common cases of dental emergencies

According to reputed dentists in London, the majority of cases involving urgent dental care in the city involve:

  • Serious injury in the mouth resulting is bleeding and tissue damage in the gums
  • Extraction of permanent molars due to accident
  • Severe swelling in the mouth or the face (also known as oro-facial swelling)
  • Clinical tooth extraction that results in uncontrolled bleeding
  • Acute oral infections and many more 

Tips to reduce pain in dental emergencies at home

You ever know when a dental emergency is going to strike. If it occurs at untimely hours, rushing to your emergency NHS dentist may prove to be difficult. In such conditions, you should stick to the following guidelines to make the best out of your misery:

  • Avoid any hot or cold foods and drinks that are likely to worsen the pain
  • Avoid lying flat on the stomach, as it may make the pain more severe
  • Do not take aspirin, if your condition includes bleeding
  • You may take over-the-counter painkillers to avail temporary relief

However, emergency dentist London suggest, you should go for moderate painkilling pills in such situations and avoid the powerful dosages for better relief. 


Controlling oral bleeding

Apart from painful sensation, bleeding is another common symptom in oral emergencies. 24 hours open emergency dentists suggest rinsing the mouth with lukewarm water in such conditions. Then, place a tiny cotton pad at the location of the wound. However, you need to dampen the cotton ball before placing it at the required place. This will at least reduce bleeding and provide you with much relief. You should also avoid consuming alcohol while suffering from such condition.

It is not difficult to find a 24 hours open dental office within your neighbourhood. It is better to locate one such practice well in advance, without waiting for an oral emergency situation to make your life miserable. The internet is certainly the most common option to find a competent dental clinic nearby. 

In this context, it is relevant to mention about Dulwich Dental Office – the reputed oral health clinic located at North Cross Road in East Dulwich. This practice provides prompt and effective treatment to a range of emergency dental conditions, ranging from root canal, and abscess to damage or broken dentures. Dental expert and the friendly support team associated with this place rely on the latest technology to provide comprehensive treatment solutions to patients.

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