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 six Months Smile Treatment Offer

Straighter Teeth with Six Month Smiles Braces

Are you embarrassed because of uneven or crooked teeth? Want to straighten them but not willing to go for traditional metal wired braces? If yes, then six month smile is what you need. At Dulwich Dental Office, our specialist dentist in London, will offer this amazing teeth straightening procedure that takes just half a year to give you straighter and more attractive smile.

What is Six Month Smiles?

The Six Month Smiles is one of the most recent treatments in the field of orthodontic dentistry that moves your teeth into better alignment in just an average of 6 months by using clear braces. This treatment is most suitable for them who would like faster results to have a new beautiful smile. With the new advances in the field of orthodontic care, one can able to have his/her front set of teeth straightened in a relatively short period.

Why Go for 6 Month Smile Orthodontic Braces?

Going for any orthodontic treatment that straightens uneven or crooked teeth effectively can help in improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile. It not improves the appearance of a person but also boosts confidence of an individual.

Everyone wants perfectly aligned and straight teeth but most of us do not want to go for painful and long orthodontic procedures.

Some of the tooth problems that can be rectified with 6 month smile treatment are as follows:

  • Crowding:   Teeth positioned too close together

  • Spacing :     Teeth have gaps between them

  • Overbite :    Overlapping of teeth

  • Overjet :    Protruding front teeth

  • Underbite :     Protruding lower teeth

  • Crossbite :     Teeth meet on the wrong side of each other with sub optimal bite

  • Openbite :    Teeth do not come together in a bite

How can Teeth be Straightened with Clear Braces in Only 6 Months?

Your teeth will be realigned quickly and safely with 6 Month Smiles. The technique uses cutting edge technology and method including clear adult braces to straighten teeth. This procedure has exploited the benefits of new by using white wires and clear braces with a primary focus on moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Six Month Smile with clear braces
Six Month Smile with clear braces
Six Month Smile with clear braces

What is the Treatment Procedure?

This treatment procedure is done by following 6 steps:

  • Impression of your teeth taken

  • Braces are fitted with the help of white wires

  • Customised braces are made

  • Impression sent to the laboratory

  • Return to surgery for retightening every four weeks to keep the teeth in position

  • A retainer is fitted - either removable or fixed wire

What are the Benefits of Six Month Smiles?

  • Quick Teeth Straightening Method
    Six month smile treatment provides perfectly aligned teeth within a shorter span as compared to the traditional metal wired braces. Just as the name suggests, this procedure takes about 6 months to even out the crooked teeth giving you a more attractive smile.

  • Transparent Orthodontics
    The 6 month smile uses clear and transparent brackets to straighten out crooked and uneven teeth. These braces are transparent and are not visible to people until they are too close to you. These give you freedom from metal wires that might result in embarrassment or social ridicule.

  • Comfortable Treatment
    This system pushes the teeth continuously to align them correctly. It uses light force that makes the treatment less painful and more comfortable that other orthodontic treatments. Due to the usage of lighter force over the teeth, there is a less chance of damage to the roots and gum tissues.

  • Affordable Orthodontic ProcedureThis procedure is affordable as compared to other orthodontic procedures due to the shorter span of time needed to get straighter and perfectly aligned teeth.

Six Month Smile Before After

Some More Questions we are often asked:

  • Q. How will I know if Six Month Smiles will work for me ?

    The Dulwich Dental team uses only the most cutting edge treatment and only ever recommends treatments that have a proven track record and reputation for excellence. Although relatively new in the UK, Six Month Smiles have been used to treat thousands of patients in the USA with great success.

  • Q. If it normally takes 2-3 years to straighten teeth how do Six Month Smiles do it in less ?

    The 6 Month Smile treatment uses special nickel titanium wires that gently move the teeth in your smile line rather than all the teeth. The emphasis is on aesthetics rather than healthy teeth that do not show when you smile. The focus is on how your teeth look, rather than the position of your bite.

  • Q. Will Six Month Smiles treatment be painful ?

    Most of our patients tell us that they don't have any pain. This is due to the fact that Six Month Smiles works by gently moving the teeth using a low degree of force. But everyone is different and it is possible that you might have some initial discomfort. Taking a few over the counter pain killers should be quite sufficient to deal with this for the short time it takes to become accustomed to the treatment.

  • Q. Will I speak differently when I am wearing the braces ?

    Possibly, during the first week as you get used to your new braces, but your speech should soon return to normal.

  • Q. After my Six Month Smiles treatment is complete will I need to wear a retainer ?

    Your teeth will, if unrestrained, tend to move back to their pre-treatment position and a retainer brace will stop this happening as it would in any other orthodontic treatment. You will be able to choose from a night-time retainer or braces that bond to the back surface of your teeth.

  • Q. How much do Six Month Smiles braces cost ?

    The Six Month Smiles system is much less expensive than the equivalent conventional brace treatment. Treatment does vary a little from patient to patient. All payment options and your own treatment cost will be discussed at your FREE consultation.

What Our patients say about 6 months smiles:

6 month smiles reviews that are based on patients' experience, indicate that the use of wires and clear brackets that are almost invisible on the teeth, has hugely improved patient experience and comfort. Shorter treatment times and low-movement were also a very popular feature especially for those who wanted to see fast results.

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Smile Gallery
Client Testimonials
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I chose to have six month smile braces as I have always been self conscious about my teeth and smile. I felt it was the right time in my life to correct this and six months didn't seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things. I'm very happy with the results and the change that occurred in a relatively short amount of time.

Dr Grace and her team were very accommodating throughout and I felt well cared for. I found it easy to make appointments and any adjustments to my brace were dealt with promptly. The aftercare service has also been excellent and even though the process only took six months (true to the name), I felt like the longevity of the teeth and smile has really been considered.

I would tell any prospective patients that the treatment is worth it. It takes some getting used to initially and some adaptions need to be made at times (I definitely had to cut back on the red wine and beetroot!) but I’m really very happy results and don’t regret my decision at all."

Thank you,

Before After Treatment 1 Before After Treatment 2

Dr Grace was brilliant throughout my treatment. She listened to me when I had concerns and understood what I wanted and did a great job getting me there. My treatment took about 12 months as I had some very twisted teeth and also some that were larger than the gaps I had, so it required some filing. Overall I'm happy with the results and I'm pleased I stayed the course to get the final result.

Kind regards
Jennifer Shephard


I had considerable gaps in my teeth and my front 4 (mainly top ones) teeth were angled. I have been meaning to have the front 4 top and bottom teeth straightened to secure a decent smile. .

I no longer feel awkward about my teeth and I smile confdently.

Was it worth your money / time ?
Very much so. Please see photo below.

I would advice them to first ensure that they are committed to doing it. The treatment does take a long time and there will be periods of discomfort. Patience is needed as the braces mean that the teeth require careful and regular cleaning. However the results make the effort worthwhile. i would definitely recommend Grace Navaratnarajah form her high standard professionalism, attention to detail and care. She definitely went the 'extra mile' to ensure that I had the best results possible.

As stated above, Grace's customer care was exemplary. .

Kind regards,
Mr. Shantaraj Sivalingam

No Image Available Icon

I chose to have a brace (top and bottom teeth) to straighten my teeth, help prevent the build up of plaque where my teeth were very close together, and to my improve my smile. .

I feel so much more confident whilst smiling now

So far, it feels like it was worth my money and time. I'm keen to look after my teeth and fixed retainer, so hopefully I'll have it for many more years and my teeth will stay perfect for life! If so, it would most definitely be worth the money and time!

I would suggest that a patient always has the top and bottom set of braces fitted (not just one), and I would advise having appointments every 3 weeks, as the teeth can move very quickly! I would also explain that the first month's challenges (discomfort, some difficulty eating and people noticing the brace) is worth it as the length of treatment is so short!

The customer service was excellent. I felt able to see Grace whenever I felt I needed to (which ended up being approx every 3 weeks) and we always started each session with a discussion about how the treatment was progressing and what I wanted to achieve. I was amazed with the final result! Thank you!

Kind regards
Elizabeth Bulloucks