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Calender Icon   September 16, 2016

3 Tips to Guide You during Dental Emergencies

Your teeth are some of the strongest parts of the body with many roles to play in your life. Even after taking of your teeth, you may suddenly be faced with a dental emergency. These untimely problems call for emergency aid by a trusted dental expert. You must contact your nearest dentist as soon as possible to resolve the situation. You can find various dental clinics in London that provide emergency aid to the patients. Read on to know more about the conditions that account for such urgency.


Some dental emergencies and the way they are dealt

  • Avulsed Tooth - Sometimes, accidents are inevitable and the consequences faced can be worse. You may knock out a tooth unintentionally in an accident or during playing sport. You must rush to a dental expert within your reach for immediate aid to control the situation. It can help save the avulsed tooth if you go the dentist at the right time. To increase the chances of saving the tooth and getting it reinserted, you should follow some steps before reaching the emergency clinic. Hold the tooth from its crown and rinse it gently with water. Place the tooth in its socket and bite down to fix it back. If that does not work, take the tooth to the dentist placed safely in a container of milk.
  • Cracked or fractured tooth – Cracks or fractures in a tooth is a sign that the core of the tooth has been damaged. In such cases, you need to book immediate appointment at a dentist office open 24 hours to overcome the situation. It is recommended that you rinse your mouth with warm water and use an ice pack on the swollen area if the fracture is caused by facial trauma. You can also take a painkiller other than aspirin to get some relief from the pain. Your dentist will take an x-ray to detect the exact damage and decide a suitable treatment. If the soft tissue if damaged, a root canal is recommended and in case of external damage, a dental crown will do the deed.
  • Tissue injury – Injuries inside the mouth such as wounds, tears to the cheeks, tongue, and lips or lacerations needs immediate attention. If you face such situations, rinse your mouth with warm water and call for the 24 hour emergency dental service in your area. An oral surgeon can help control the bleeding and pain in your mouth.

Some other conditions of urgent dental aid involve severe toothache, broken tooth and gum bleeding. You should take quick action and follow necessary steps to get control over the situation.


Dental emergencies demand instant attention of a dentist to help recover you from the pain and discomfort. You can consult a dedicated and qualified dental practitioner at Dulwich Dental Office for instant recovery from your pain.

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